About Me



Welcome to my blog.

My name is Veronica Chlap and I am an Australian professional astrologer with a Diploma from the Regulus Ebertin School of Astrology, Canberra, 1997. My teacher was Doris Greaves,(dec),  a well known Australian Astrologer. I have been doing astrology charts and readings for clients for a number of years now. I am currently, 2019, the President of the  Queensland Federation of Astrologers.

I love to write about Astrology which relates to the here and now. I interpret current transits, political and major events which are taking place in Australia and also globally.

As a professional astrologer, I also  offer a wide range of readings. Some readings offered are computer reports, but others are personalised readings which I put together and email to you.


The best reading to get is my personal astrology reading will give you insight into how your natal chart is unfolding and what is awaiting you in the year ahead.

The reading is based on your natal chart, and will look at how your natal chart has progressed over your life span and focus on what is happening right now.

By comparing your natal chart to your natal progressed chart and current transits – astrologers can interpret the planetary energies around you for the coming year.

These energies will affect your life during the year.

So make the most out of this great astrological prediction method – find out where the action will be this year – will it be in love, finances, career? 

The reading is not done on a computer, although the chart is drawn up on the computer.

I do the interpretations and the reading will be about 3-4 pages long , depending on the major activity in your chart.  The cost is $AUD 60.


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