G 20 Summit 7th-8th July 2017, Hamburg, Germany


G20 summit 7 July 2017

The G20 summit will be held in Hamburg, Germany on 7th-8th July. Although, I don’t have an exact starting time, many of the volatile aspects I delineate will not depend on the angles and houses.

Node, Uranus, Saturn grand trine.

This grand trine has been with us for over a month now and it highlights how governments (Saturn) are determined to push through their changed/reform/radical (Uranus)  agendas with almost fated (Node) determination. Ebertin states that Saturn/Uranus causes friction and tensions. We have already witnessed how Governments are causing this friction, because depending where you sit on the political spectrum, this zeal and fanaticism not to mention the issues/outcomes  may not gel with your views. You feel compelled  to take action (Uranus in Aries), using the platfom available to you, namely social media/internet the great Uranus invention.

Pushing an agenda which some may disagree with will dominate this summit. The moon also ties in with this grand trine for a while,  so highly charged  emotions will add to the fray.

With the Sun in Cancer conjunct Mars opposite Pluto, emotional power plays will dominate, and it could be very hard to find a compromise without seriously hurting feelings. Alliances may suffer, as Jupiter in Libra forms a t square with Mars and Pluto.

Lets hope the Neptune trine Sun and Mars will calm tempers and feelings. One hopes lots of good German wine, food and perhaps music will flow to calm shattered nerves. Hamburg is a Port city, so the proximity to water (Neptune) may also be benefical.

Some of the midpoints do, however, raise concern.

Pluo=Sun/Mars. Great effort, fanaticism, unscrupulous procedures, violence.

Pluto= Moon/MC. Emotional shocks.

Mars=Uranus/Pluto. Fanaticism, act of violence, accident.

Mars=Sun/Uranus. Rashness, accident.

Node=Saturn/Uranus. Inability to intergrate into community, provocative conduct, joint resistance to common opposition, separation.

This last midpoint is very telling and originates from the grand trine mentioned above. It will set the theme for the summit, and given the political alliances amongst the G20 nations, stay tuned to your twitter feed over next weekend. Things will certainly happen.

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