Leo Full Moon – 15 February 2014 – Sydney



This Leo full moon chart is very powerful. The Leo Moon (feelings about self worth) opposes Sun and Mercury in Aquarius (thinking and acting independently about unique goals). As Mercury is retrograde, we may not be able to obtain those goals yet – things are in a bit of muddle!

However, as Mars in Libra is in positive aspect to Sun/Mercury/Moon we certainly have lots of energy to collaborate creatively with others on these matters. Partners may be of great assistance at this time, and one might see “friends” hooking up after St Valentine’s Day activities.

Bottom line: Use the assistance of friends to achieve/plan your unique creative plans.

Leo Full Moon

Siblings can also be a great help and assist if you are feeling the “victim”, as Jupiter (mentor) is making a positive aspect to Neptune (victim/illusions/disillusionment).

Many may find that finances will hold up the implementation of any plans (Taskmaster Saturn in 8th house of money).  It’s a time to do the ground – or underground work, ferreting out any potential snags with this Scorpio Saturn in negative aspect to the Sun and Moon.

The Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto – T square is still firing away in the background. Are you secretly opposed to change? Or are others opposed to take action on new ideas? Too optimistic?

Use a compassionate viewpoint to convince them, as the only planets making a positive aspect from this mix is Jupiter (optimism) and Neptune (imagination, compassion).

Sun and Jupiter are in an aspect which makes things a bit frustrating, but delayed success is possible.  

Tone down the ego and enthusiasm, avoid doing too much. Steady as she goes…

If you wish to know how your natal chart resonates to this full moon, email me or select a chart reading.

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