Sagittarius New Moon by Midpoints


New Moon Chart 3 Dec 2013

The new moon chart viewed by Cosmobiology is very potent.

The Sun and Moon are making powerful midpoints to Ascendant/Mars, and Mars/Mercury.

However, Pluto and Uranus are making midpoints to Venus/Mars.

Watch the sparks fly in your love life!


Pluto = Venus/Mars

A deeply passionate and sensual nature. Charisma. Sexual magnetism. Obsessing about someone – or something. Fanaticism. Compulsive urges; giving in to temptation. Being overwhelmed by desire and the power of love. Intense emotional and sexual attractions. Depth of feeling within partnerships. Dramas in love life. Creative potential; dedicated artistic activity.

Uranus = Venus/Mars

A passionate and excitable nature. Demanding and insistent in romantic encounters and sexual relationships. Love (or lust) at first sight. A lack of emotional and sexual restraint. Procreative power. A turbulent love life. Unconventional partnerships. Spontaneous and erratic behaviour. Periodic extravagances. Originality in creative expression.

Read the full midpoint report here.

New Moon 3rd December Midpoint Report

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